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How are you involved with Outbreak: Undead!? Introduce yourself!



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    Hey Foxlynam!

    Gam3rs Con was real fun for us, glad to see you made it here to the forums safely :)

    If your looking for a 'pick up and play' scenario that people can get involved with in open gaming, then i'd really suggest you go with the "Last man standing" mission on the premier package, if I remember right, you were in that game... "he had a 8%ZK ratio, but had no other choice as that was his only weapon.. and rolled 01!" and it's a real easy way for players to jump in while the game is going, leave when they need to, and just overall enjoy bashing a few zombies skulls in while holding the house on the hill.

    Likewise, we'd love to hear what you do decide to gpo with and how it went at OroCon :)
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    Hey everyone,

    I stumbled across Outbreak: Undead by means of the internet after being pretty disappointed by the zombie simulations in other tabletop RPG's. I have been playing a few different types of PNP games off and on for a while now, but none of them attracted my attention like Outbreak. I kept tabs on the website all the way up until the book premiered at Gen-Con and as soon as I was able to look over the quick-start guide online, I instantly purchased the book. I have more or less been reading and studying it non-stop since it's arrival and I am thoroughly impressed with the level of detail considered as well as the game mechanics.

    I have a few "regulars" together to play and I cannot tell you guys how excited I am to start up a campaign and be part of the community!

    I, myself, am a pretty big fan of zombie culture and when I'm NOT examining the Outbreak rulebook I like to play music and attempt to attend college.

    Can't wait for the apocalypse!

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    see above. lol. same story
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    Greetings, all!

    I came across this game at Gen Con and was take aback by the attentiveness to realism and the game's ability (borderline insatiable desire) to incorporate elements of reality. I purchased my rulebook at the convention and have since shared it with an almost shameful eagerness to anyone who so much as mentioned "zombie" or "apocalypse". I admit not being able to grasp all of the rules as quickly as I would have hoped, but the game has not lost me yet, which is saying something. I have yet to run a scenario or campaign but have throngs of friends wanting to play.

    As for myself, I am an amateur writer and scholar. I do not limit myself to any genera (which is a nice way of saying I'm indecisive) and my fields of study are many (also a way of saying indecisive) but I specialize in religion and ethics.

    -Dominus Obscurum
    Priest/Religion Scholar
    Survivors Saved = 85
  • Hey all, my name is Bradly. I found out about this game from ign and pre-ordered it as soon as I could. Then the moment I received the game I started to read the book and then set up a game with friends.
  • Hello all!

    My name is Kevin. I purchased the game at the Gen Con, and got the team to sign it, so that's exciting. :) I have been a dungeon master for D&D since 1997. I have always wanted to run a zombie RPG, so when I found this game I was thrilled. I read the book for the first time the night I got it in my hotel room. Loved it, couldn't get enough.

    I've run two games now with my regular D&D crew, and it is going great. The night runs smoothly, and the scenes are very cinematic. A very enjoyable game. I still have a few rules to learn, but every night we learn a little bit more.

    Thanks for this product! :)
  • Hey fellow survivors,

    I'm Dane, and I learned about Outbreak: Undead from a friend of mine who brought back from Gen Con. I've always been a fan of RPGs, and I've been playing D&D and other fantasy games for a while. One thing I've always sorely missed when playing these games though, is a sense of realism that really makes you feel like you're in danger, but also makes surviving feel like a real accomplishment, and this game gives me just that. I'm now a player (playing myself, which is harder to do than any character I've ever made) in an ongoing struggle to survive once a week, and become something resembling a giddy school girl the days leading up to each session. I'm playing with a fantastic GM, and each week we keep and adding more rules and loving the game more and more. It's a very intuitive, fun system!

    Me personally, as a person and as the character I'm player, I'm a music major, a writer when I get the chance, and I'm currently helping to create a tabletop RPG. None of it's very useful in a zombie apocalypse, but hey, we have to work with what we have.

    Hope you survive!

  • hey new here forever been an z-fan.i was looking on the enternet to find a new way to get my z-fix all the way in afghan. and i see this!outbreak undead,so i told my wife (a z-fan herself) to pick up this book and send it to me asap. its been 5 days since she sent it my way. i cant wait!
  • Hello,
    I've loved all things zombie since I saw Dawn of the Dead when I was 13 years old (1981-yikes!). Not unassociated, I started playing RPG's at the same time. I have gotten a lot of good mileage out of AFMBE, including a fantastic Cruise ship game this summer. When I saw O:U.. with it's emphasis on simulation and the SPEW test mechanic, I had to try it out. I hope to run our first play test this weekend, but I've only had the book for a week now and I must admit I'm still trying to make sense out of everything. I hope this forum will help with the learning curve.

    Cheers, Dave
    Randy, I AM the liquor.
  • I'm Jenn, a veterinary technician in Saint Louis. I picked up O:U online after seeing it (but no demos) at GenCon. I really like the idea and, after looking at the quickstart guide, decided to purchase the book and run a game. This will be my 1st time as a GM, but I hope that with a new gaming system that all my players will be forgiving.

    My plan is to keep is as realistic as possible. My scenario involves everyone getting hints that there will be an outbreak and meeting at our house. I'm going to run an individual mini-scenario for each player that involves getting to our house. Once established, I was going to base any raids on real places in the neighborhood. The second stage will begin after they feel they can successfully escape the city and try to find a new stronghold. The third stage (if anyone's survives) will be to get that permanent stronghold to a certain level.

    All the players are very excited, especially about using their local knowledge in the beginning to increase their chances.

    Now to pick a day and time . . .
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    Hey there Levertis, Crypto and GeekyVetGirl!

    Levertis: Afgan, Really? Tour of duty? Either way, that's awesome. Glad to have you aboard.

    Crypto: This is long overdue, I've already responded to a few of your posts. We've been eagerly churning out some extra material for you and our community to help play the game better.

    GeekyVetGirl: I'm glad you decided to pick us up so long after our premiere! We're here to help first time GMs the most... because since this is a new game... everyone's new. Love your scenario idea, btw!
  • GeekyVetGirl - I'm from STL too, well, Saint Charles to be specific.

    I never actually introduced myself here. There isn't much to say about be, other than I am currently working on a Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting through the University of New Orleans (through Low-Res, so I am still in STL), which takes up most of my week. Been playing PnP games for a while now, ran a few, and decided to helm this game for my group. It has been going well.
  • BSCOTT1284 - Awesome, we're right across the river in Bridgeton. You'll have to keep me informed on how your game goes.

  • yep, way out there in hell.afghan. myself and two others plan on running a game when we all are together at the same time. so it will be awhile. thinking of running a game where the outbreak starts here.
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    Hey BSCOTT1284... glad to see you've formally introduced yourself. I am glad that the games have been going well for you and your group.

    Levertis: Wow... well let me know if there's anything you'd like to see to run a game proper with your setting and choice of players and available equipment. We're looking to do settings with military-grade weaponry and extreme climates anyway. You can PM me a response if you want.
  • Hey All -

    I'm Andy, recent UMich graduate from Illinois. I've never played a RPG tabletop game, so this is all really new to me. Actually, the reason i'm interested in this game is that I graduated with a degree in homeland security and emergency management, and one of the areas i'm really interested in is simulation and tabletop exercises for preparedness and mitigation purposes. OU seems to have very realistic possibilities, so ive had a lot of fun with it.

    Using that, my group started a game about three weeks ago, starting in our local community (much like GeekyVetGirl's plan). I've kept the play mostly realistic to a viral outbreak scenario, based around CERT response driving interaction with the infection. Now, a military quarantine has been imposed around the city, and the OBM has just broken the quarantine...
  • Schlappa,

    Welcome! I've never heard of a degree in Emergency Preparedness before... that's amazing... What does that all entail?

    RPG's are like any other hobby or activity, they take time, but after a while you'll find you get easier and easier the more you play. Just remember to make sure you guys are having fun!

    Enjoy the forums and feel free to give us any insight if you feel a "reality check" is in order!

    Developer/Marketing Manager.
    Player Kills = 23
    Zombie Kills = 154

  • Hey

    Tim from Sheffield UK. I found OU while looking what was going on at gencon indy (looking is all can do cos I never get to go), it looked interesting so I kept an eye on it. Heard good things about it from a few podcasts so put in an order. Wish I'd got a T-shirt as well now.

    Game-wise mine is run over Xbox live and emails as our group is spread out(with me doing all the mechanics), but the plot has started at one of our semi regular gaming/drinking nights with my hung over friends waking up to find me a zombie (I didn't even tell them what game I was running at that point).
    Being avid Z-fans they then broke into wild panic and raided my house for anything they could find and started making plans about what to do next but in 'reality' I've set the initial infection pretty low with only a few thousand cases across the nation. I thought I'd cash in on some experience from the Bird Flu outbreak and start slowly with some press fuelled panicked civilians (and the non-believers) before the hardcore biting begins and as no-one outside the group has seen a zombie yet most people will think they're crazy at best. Murdered their friend at worst.
    Even after this short time its been fun and listening/reading some or the crazy and inventive things my group has come up with I think I'm in for an inventive time as GM. Should be a blast.

    Thanks for the game guys.
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    Hats off to you for looping your friends into playing without them even knowing what it was... just... wow. Your whole approach to this game is every bit what we wanted the game to be. Keep it up!

    I eagerly await for stories on how it turns out!
  • EM is all about preparedness for, response to, recovery from, and then mitigation of disasters. My focus is on preparedness, how to design and implement realistic disaster scenarios that engage people like fire dept, police, search and rescue, community groups, etc. Its the blend of fiction and reality that appeals to me, hence OU!
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    Schlappa, considering your experience and background, I look forward to your feedback and how your games go. Great to have you!
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    Hi I'm the newest guy here and to pen and paper RPGs. Zombie and gaming freak and found this listening to We're Alive. I all sound vary cool to me and I'm reading my way through the quickstart and I can’t wait to get started. Just order my copy of the book and a set of dice.
  • Hello, I'm "Skimaskkass" and I went to ZomBcon and played your game and loved it. So I look around the site and see what I will have to discover!
  • Hey, I'm Zach. I'm quite used to playing percentile RPGs, but have never found a good Zombie game with the right atmosphere. Don't have the book yet, but I will soon.

    The presentation of the guide reminds me of Max Brooks Zombie Survival Guide. I am almost obsessed with zombies, and can't get enough of the brain-blasting skull-splitting action. The sheer simplicity and intuitiveness of the system caught me right away.

    I am ready to put my friends through the gauntlet.
  • Russty - Glad to have another fan of We're Alive! Shane is really good friends of ours and we really love whats he's been doing with the series, you should check out the topic here about it.

    Skimaskkass- ZomBcon was a blast! Happy you managed to find your way over here. Let us know if you have any questions!

    Undead Ted - We had the pleasure of reading the Zombie Survival Guide while we were already into production of the game, we love us some World War Z. I hope to hear tales of your characters heroic adventures soon. We have a "fun skull splitting action" (great term btw) campaign coming up called "Fair King Zoo", where you fight a entire zombie menagerie with some new fun toys... If your play style is what I think it is, I think you'll love it.
    Developer/Marketing Manager.
    Player Kills = 23
    Zombie Kills = 154

  • Hydra_Lord - Love the idea of the Fair King Zoo. I keep thinking of ways to lead my players to a zoo to have some fun with them. Can't wait for the campaign. Will that me a Free Content Friday post?
  • Are we going to have zombie animals?


    Cause that would be beast.

    And thanks for the warm welcome, I hope to get to know you guys more.
  • Hydra_Lord - Love the idea of the Fair King Zoo. I keep thinking of ways to lead my players to a zoo to have some fun with them. Can't wait for the campaign. Will that me a Free Content Friday post?
    Don't go to the Zoo... NEVER go to the zoo :) unless your GM drops you there, then just hope he's merciful enough to leave you there armed.
    Developer/Marketing Manager.
    Player Kills = 23
    Zombie Kills = 154

  • Hydra-

    A little off topic, but you mentioned World War Z. There is a similar book, but it is real life so it doesn't involve zombies...but since it is non-fiction, the stories hit harder because they are true. It is called Voices Rising: Stories from the Katrina Narrative Project. It is about the events during hurricane Katrina, a lot of crazy stuff from all sorts of perspectives. It has helped me build a 'lawless' campaign world, though only the first half of the book contains the interesting survival grit, the rest is about everyone coming back to their houses or starting their lives, something that probably won't happen in a zombie campaign.
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    Thank you for the suggestion, I will have to check it out. It's always difficult to read actual tragedies, but the lessons taken away from them are always the strongest. Any chance it is in audio-book? I find the LA freeways are much less intimidating with a good book in my ears.
    Developer/Marketing Manager.
    Player Kills = 23
    Zombie Kills = 154

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