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Older FCF Stuff



  • Yeap, that was me! I forgot my name is different there. I'll get you those two as well; I wasn't sure how far back you needed :/.
    Kill, kill, kill for peace!
  • yay collection complete! As always you are a saint mpthemaster! Now... I continue work on my seeecrit project. I only have 2 more days to be able to release it by Halloween.
  • I can't wait to see what it is!
    Kill, kill, kill for peace!
  • Hi! I am starting a game soon and would love some of the older FCF stuff. I have absolutely none of them but would like as many as possible. Specifically, I read that there is one with example resource catalogs, and would really like that one. If someone could email me them ( or get them to me some other way that would be awesome! Thank you so much
  • I also need this years FCF. I purchased the 2 annuals, but I only have August and November 2012. Any help would be appreciated. PM me or my forum username @ gmail. Thanks!
  • Hey everyone, finally back after a while.  I wanted to know if anyone could spare FCF #22, and #24-26.  Thanks much for the help.
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    Has everyone on this thread who's made a request been accommodated?
  • I still need need the 2012's if any way possible. Thanks.
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    Same here.
  • My laptop blew and I need to check out what I managed to print vs save on the nook.
    This thread is relevant to my interests.

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    I have just recently started GMing an O:U game. I have the Core book, bought the first annual and have the latest FCF, can anyone help me out with everything after the first annual? It would be much appreciated!
  • Likewise, I as well would appreciate the opportunity to receive all previous FCF data if anyone has it archived and woul dlike to share... Please just let me know and i'll provide my email.


  • Hey i was also wondering if i could get an archive of the FCF material for my group. Since i don't want to be a total cheapskate ill send a Dota 2 code on steam if anyone is interested

  • Hey guys, just looking through all my stuff and I'm missing 4 or 5 Volumes of FCF and I'd love to get those to complete my collection. So if that's possible that'd be awesome
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    Hello there. I'm actually finishing up my senior year and between High school and Governor's School for an Associates right out of High School,  I'm a really busy individual with almost no time for a part time job. As much as I love this game and would happily support it by buying the FCF compilations, I don't see it happening for a while from now. (The Core rulebook alone set me back but it was one of the best purchases I've ever made.) I kinda plan on introducing it to quite a handful of people in a week or two, as I'm gonna be a ZM (Or DM, just like the sound of Zombie Master.) pretty soon, it'd be really nice if I could get any and/or all of the FCFs short of the last three. I've heard of a lot of particularly juicy ones, so I really don't know which ones would benefit a starting ZM out the most.

     I'm setting it in a small city, with things rather close together so I'm treating a lot of the searches more akin to the way they were laid out with the House on the Hill scenario and having them search by search basis taking very little time at all, but applying a % chance to even roll to determine resources per store, room (if a larger building like the hospital) or car, etc. (I've run it a lot, they'll have more than what they can carry for any given moment) There is an exception if they plan to barricade any given point, as there will almost always be a minimum of barricade resources in any given place. They're running an hour or two behind the majority of the panicking evacuees

    (I hope this isn't going too far off topic, trying to give details in case only a few FCF's really jump out and apply to my scenario I have in mind. I simply hope it's reasonably acceptable. Don't wanna ask for too many freebies if I don't have to.)
    [Test1] Otsdarva Gunther - 7 zombie kills. 1 Urchin kill.
    [Test2] Irene Gainsborough - 9 zombie kills.
    [Test3] The Judge - Killed Irene on turn 3 (Headshot.) Was killed by Otsdarva on turn 11.

    All on House on the Hill map.
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    Does anyone have a copy of Vol 032? I missed it. I must say, I'm surprised there isn't a repository of the old FCFs available so we can pick up what we missed.

    Edit: I uploaded my copies of the FCF and April Fool's Editions to a server I have for everyone to use. The URL is in my signature.
    "Long is the way, and hard, that out of Hell leads up to Light."
    - John Milton; 'Paradise Lost', Book II
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    Our main reason for not doing that is that we would rather encourage the community to interact. Asking for older FCF from among our members has encouraged a lot of lurkers to become posters. We also don't discourage anyone from doing precisely what you have done, making it available in that way even though we sell compiled annuals.
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    Thanks so much Valo - did you find FCF 32? Anyone else? That's the only one I'm missing.
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    Does anyone know how many FCF Annuals that there are? 

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    @neolak82 - There are two Annuals out. Volumes 1 & 2.

    If anyone has FCF 32, can someone please send it to me. PM me and I'll give my email.
    "Long is the way, and hard, that out of Hell leads up to Light."
    - John Milton; 'Paradise Lost', Book II
  • I have every single one of the FCF from day one to present (And fully intend to continue collecting them). If any one needs an issue, or a year, or all of them, just PM me and let me know what you need and where to send it. If you want a lot, be sure to let me know what your max file size for attachments are for your email provider, there is just over 84MBs worth of files now.

    I don't get up here very much unfortunately, and the site seems spotty at best for sending me emails notifying me of new messages... But I will try and get up here every so often to check.
    "They're going to get you..." - "No they ain't!" - "Oh, yes, they are." - "Yeah? And how do you know that?" - "I'm the GM. {Evil Grin}"

  • Was wondering if I could get several FCF back issues? I'm missing 32, 37-41, and 43.


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    They're all up on the archive linked above your post. I'm only missing number 32.
    "Long is the way, and hard, that out of Hell leads up to Light."
    - John Milton; 'Paradise Lost', Book II
  • Thank You Valo

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    Requesting old fcf stuffs please. I must eat the players!!!
  • olwell86 93940
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    I am sad today, Valo's link is down :(
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