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What's your plan?

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So, we have other threads to discuss bad ideas and such. Why not have one to talk about what your plan is? What do you think the weak points are? The strong ones?

Right now my plan is fuzzy. My wife is deployed and we live in England, but I'm spending a fair bit of time back at home with family and friends. In neither place do I have ready access to my firearms. If Z-day happens while I'm in England, it will be very difficult because of population density. There simply isn't a place that's very far from the cities. Also, I can't access a lot of my good military and camping gear from inside the house because it's in the garage. Honestly, I haven't been able to come up with anything that has a particularly great chance of success. The best I have is to grab a couple baseball bats, my 3-part all weather sleeping bag & hiking pack, pack in some clothes and some of my gear, and drive my car north until I find a defensible position or reach a location with far lower population density.

In the states, I'm not far from Chicago but I also have practically no good survival equipment. I have a decent sleeping bag (only rated to 30 deg. F) and a really good backpack. I'd load up some bottled water, the first aid kit and other emergency supplies in the car, and try the get out of dodge at the first sign of Zack. My plan is to get to somewhere like Montana or Idaho, a place that has low population density and a good chance of lower infestation. I especially like Southwest Idaho for the mountains and harder to get to places, natural barriers are a great boon. There's plenty of decent crop-land if you know where to look, and lots of cattle (good only as long as the Z-plague can't affect them).

Like I said, sketchy and with a lot of holes. The biggest being how vague they are. Hopefully Z-day doesn't happen for a few years (or like, never), so I'll have time to get a better setup. :)


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    I'm currently reading 'How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It: Tactics, Techniques, and Technologies for Uncertain Times' by James Wesley Rawles. I'd highly highly recommend it. It goes into detail on how to survive a 'When the crap hits the fan' scenario and it's incredibly useful.
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  • Damion,

    Just for reference, southern Idaho tends to be more desert than agricultural land, and people in Idaho tend to be very well armed the further from "civilization" you get.  From around Chicago (used to be a Chicago boy myself) you're probably better off heading somewhere a little closer than Montana or Idaho.  Also, don't stick around Chicago.  People will get much uglier before they zombify.  If you're planning on going somewhere, it's best to do your scouting well before Zed decides to rear its ugly head.  At best, you find your dream spot.  At worst, you know where to avoid and don't waste invaluable time later.

    Having a designated spot tends to reduce anxiety and uncertainty when bugging out or evacuating.  It will give you a goal and something to hold on to should things go poorly.  He who has hope and direction tends to cling to life better than those who do not.  While it doesn't guarantee that you'll be able to get there, research and some scouting beforehand will give you a much better idea of the area, its potential risks, and how nature and/or man act normally.  Not to mention it will help you settle in a different spot in the same area.  This can be invaluable.

    RwtsZE makes a wonderful point about research.  While not all survivalist manuals are made equal, the more capability you have, the better off you are potentially.  I highly recommend once you know where you want to go or what you want to do that you research the dickens out of it.  Know if your area is given to sudden rains, what's good to eat, what isn't, or if there are natural hazards like hostile (not to mention poisonous) pests or nasty diseases that tend to hang around... or just large animals that might consider reassigning your spot on the food chain when things get lean.

    I would recommend that you do some research on England's laws on firearm ownership if you're comfortable using them.  If not, find a socially acceptable alternative and get good with it.  I hear Archery is getting pretty hot over there, so that might be a lower tech alternative.  You might consider looking into longbow if you've got the height and arm strength.  As for the population density, not much to be done there.  Usually the best defense against the sheer numbers is to find a spot that is hard to reach and isolated.  Heck, if you find a nice large hill or a mountain, you could set up a couple of planters and get a good food garden started.

    As for Chicago, try to steer clear of the big suburbs and go for one of the more remote ones with better sight lines.  Illinois is good, flat land.  If you want a good water source, head for the Lake Zurich area or somewhere by one of the great lakes.  That will give you ready access to water and lots of options.  You can get a good hidey hole set up near a large body of water.  So long as the zed can't swim, you can also control the angles of approach.  If they can, it's easy enough to set up a little further away and still have water very readily accessible.  Heck, if you can get a boat, you can also pick up and leave, so long as you can carry your stuff.  I'm not much on using boats as a survival platform, but it still works as transit.

    Don't forget that the population density is a double edged blade for zed.  They get higher concentrations, but there are many more sources of distraction, and while zed will ramp up much more quickly in a dense area, it will also starve out more readily if they're biologically active.  With some clever management or distractions, you might be able to get the zombies making enough noise to have them swarm over an area specifically where you are not, and where you aren't headed.

    Either way, these are some points to think on.  Sorry that it's literally years after post.
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