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State of Decay

edited January 2016 in Off-Topic Posts: 973
Has anyone played this game? It's DLC on XBox live and it looks pretty solid but it's pretty new so there's not a lot of reviews on it.


  • Fyi the forums hate my ipad.

    I've been following state of decay for a while now and while I have not played it I'll be turning on my xbox for the first time in 2 years to play it. So if no one else has given any details by saturday I'll throw my two cents in. I hate that it released while Im out of town.
  • Follow Up: State of Decay is pretty amazing. You should also check out The Last of Us. I was only able to get a couple of hours in, but very impressed.
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    I've been playing it for almost a week now. This game can be hard at times. Especially in the beginning (or when you make a new location your base because supplies in the local area have been depleted or for a better location to defend), you have many needs to juggle, and not enough time to do most of them. This game can be very stressful at times. Other characters in your community can become easily hurt or tired (yourself included, though you play everyone in the community who is considered a friend). Food, medicine, ammo, and gasoline are the primary supplies to be gathered. Even when you are not playing the game, the whole world is simulated. There is much more I could tell you about, so let me know if you have any specific questions.

    There are some bugs, one or two of which is game breaking. While there is a patch out now to fix them, they are not fixed because there is a problem on the xbox's side of things where the patches are downloaded, but never applied. Another issue is that there was a mix-up with a newer version of the game being released worldwide after last Wednesday, so if you download the game now, the patch won't be applied to it (even when the aforementioned patch issue is fixed).because the patch is for the pre-Wednesday version.

    The game breaking bug itself has to do with infestations. As you are out doing missions and other survivors are moving around, more zombies are attracted to your area. As more hordes of zombies move in around you, areas become infested. Lots of infestations makes the world much more dangerous when you are playing, but also much more dangerous in the simulation. Other characters are much more likely to go missing, become hurt, or die. Morale also plummets and other characters are much more likely to commit suicide or run away. Right now, the game factors in infestations in the whole world, which is ridiculous (that includes many areas far away from you, so it is impossible to clear them all out while juggling your own basic needs for survival). The patch shrinks the area of the infestations needed to be cleared to a much, much, much smaller radius that is also much more realistic around a base.

    I wouldn't get the game until that is fixed, and I have stopped playing until it is fixed.

    Edit: I'd be happy to answer any questions that you or anyone else may have.
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  • yeah, my game is infected with the infestations bug. I've still been pushing forward because well, "I want to play!". I lose survivors "missing" as fast as I can find them, it stinks. Overall, though, I'm still really enjoying it. I don't much care for the simulation the AI is incredibly stupid as one would expect. I always come back to all my food eaten, meds used, and morale bottomed out. Pausing it prevents the simulation, but none of your big abilities will cool down.

    I'll most definitely start over when they get it fixed.
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    After reading this, I'm still glad I sold my Xbox.
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    Wow... pretty detailed. And I started playing The Last of Us... not as sandbox as State of Decay, but it is certainly the best video game I've played in years. Some of the opponents are just merciless... which I really like.
  • Okay, other things to know...

    Part of State of Decay is also in your management of supplies.  Fuel is worth its weight in gold, but for many different reasons.  Aside from being good for the obvious, it's also used in outpost traps.  One fuel will refuel all of your outpost traps, which increases their area of effect... this may seem unimportant, but it really helps when the hordes decide to pay a visit... as soon as they step into that little radius... BOOM!  No more horde.

    Your placement of outposts should reflect your looting activity generally, as outpost radius will also affect spawning zombies... they don't spawn in your areas of influence.  You can close down outposts as well, which is useful when getting ready to move base.

    As per looting, don't be afraid to ask your other survivors in community to loot a building if there's too many huge rucksacks of supplies.  Just make sure you establish an outpost somewhat nearby.

    I haven't gotten the DLC yet, but this should help with some of those who are suffering from horde syndrome and too many community members getting stranded.  Remember:  Area of influence is critical, and should be maintained, else you can only expect to be overrun.
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    Thread rezzing...
    I've played SoD and its two expansions. The second expansion is inexcusably lazy. The third one is great because you can use vehicles to actually stash supplies for transport. All three of them (with one minor exception of the third one) features some of the most rock-stupid AI ever. Blundering haphazardly into danger without the sense to use their guns or defend themselves in any effective manner (not particularly true in the third one as they do use guns sometimes, but NPCs are still both dumb and unbelievably fragile). I've lost characters with some of the best stats because I called for looters and the AI took my finely honed zombie killing machine into a defenseless half-witted marionette made of SPAM roughly squeezed into the shape of a human.

    I have to say, especially in the third one, I've had terrible luck rescuing people. Practically all of them die within a hair's breadth of me rescuing them.
  • Red_EyeRed_Eye Ohio
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    The game was overly ambitious for an Arcade release since MS has so many limitations in place for those projects.  It did get them officially signed with MS though to keep making games in that line, and from what I hear they have released an enhanced version on the XBone that cleans a few more things up in the game.  All in all it seems like an interesting glimpse into what a Zombie Survival video game could/should be, but for the moment we will be left waiting for a more fully realized vision.

    Regarding the expansions, the second expansion was actually produced due to fan feedback (though most fans did agree that the "sandbox" feature should probably have just been included from the onset as opposed to its own DLC).  The third appears to be them experimenting with a more urban environment for future content.

    In the end, SoD is really just a testing ground for something bigger, and I look forward to that fully realized product since this glimpse showed a lot of potential and promise.  For the low price tag as well, it is at least worth the look at how these types of games could be done.
    -Alex (Red)
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