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Deep Space Skype Session - TONIGHT!

citizenvaincitizenvain Indianapolis
edited August 2016 in Outbreak: Deep Space Posts: 188
Sorry for the late notice, but there will be a Skype session tonight with the author of Outbreak: Deep Space, Christopher De La Rosa, at 9:30 PM EST. I've been very fortunate to be learning from the author directly about running Deep Space and tonight he is setting aside time on his busy schedule to spend with fans of Outbreak: Undead who have questions about playing, running and enjoying Outbreak: Deep Space. If you are interested in joining the session tonight, please message me for the details. 

Outbreak: Deep Space Discussion
WHEN: Friday, June 28, 2013
TIME:  9:30 PM EST
A survivor and GM in Indianapolis, IN. 


  • Very cool. I had a chance to game with the designer of Covert Ops via google Hangouts a few sessions before I emigrated out of the USA.

  • Red_EyeRed_Eye Ohio
    Posts: 461
    We have some plans similar to this coming up in the pipeline, just FYI.  More details will come later of course.
    -Alex (Red)
    Community Manager & Developer
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