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Deep Space Anyone?

citizenvaincitizenvain Indianapolis
edited August 2016 in Outbreak: Deep Space Posts: 188
I was wondering if anyone has tried out Deep Space yet? We have played it a few times in OU group, and while we struggled a bit out of the gate to grasp some of the rule changes, we had a very enjoyable session this past weekend. I'm hoping to post more questions as we continue to learn the new mechanics. To the Board Moderators, maybe a Deep Space could have it's own board? 

One of the things as a GM I'm struggling with is I think I've allowed my players to have too much tech as they seem to be sawing down the zombies and alien organisms with relative ease... but at the same time they seem to be enjoying the fun. This mission was a commercial salvage team commissioned to investigate a scientific outpost on a moon that a a bio engineering corporation had lost contact with in exchange for hefty credit. The team, didn't find any survivors but instead found the gruesome results of a viral outbreak after bringing the emergency power online.  Oh, and a lot of alien and zombie organisms to keep them from getting too comfortable in any rooms of the outpost. Eventually the team decided their lives were more important than finding any survivors and abandoned the outpost. 

I know, trust me, not a totally original idea for a scenario, but we had fun. I am very curious to hear some other ideas others have come up with for their groups. Would love to hear your scenario ideas!  Also, if you're in the Indianapolis area wanting to try out Outbreak: Undead or Deep Space let me know, I'm always up for meeting new players and running this system for people who are interested. 

A survivor and GM in Indianapolis, IN. 


  • Good stuff. I am setting up to run O:DS From Thailand for a group of mostly Americans using roll20, this week in a few days.   I will post the writeup here.
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