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My first Outbreak Undead Game

edited July 2013 in Community Made Materials Posts: 101

so this was my first attempt at running outbreak undead for some of the players from my regular gaming group


one end of the city block i used for what was supposed to be House on the hill


my players


left to right, jeremy,  mr green is devin,  thomas, ms blue is arianna, ms red is miranda, and the maid was rudy


the church and graveyard


McDooms!  their original destination.... they never made it there.


thye found a abandoned cop car and decided to check it out for supplies in the background you can see the arsenal game room which instead of a gameroom i made it a gun store


more of their first encounter, it ended with them killing the zombies but jeremy spent 4 rounds stuck in the trucnk of the patrol car as it was rolling backwards while rudy was stuck in the drivers side window half in half out of the car, (he accidently popped it out of park with a catastrophe while trying to get out)


ahh the arsenal (in this case NOT a game room and cafe but a gunstore) a great place to await the apocolypse.


inside the arsenal they had started boarding up windows and doors before they found a OBM that happened to be a clown


the dice with the 5 on it they are all cowering behind was a heavy steel shelf they had dragged in front of the doorway as the impending zombies steadily marched through the windows and door. the little girl horrorclix mini on left was an urchin.


they were forced into the back room where "The Butcher" OBM came busting through the back door they had not secured and they started to be overwhelmed.


it was a TPK a hellhound showed up as well. they held out for a very long amount of time but the numbers were against them. rudy tried to run through the legs of the "Butcher" but it did not turn out well for him.


lots of questions but ill post them tomorrow just thought i would share the pictures



heath delashmit









  • edited July 2013 Posts: 101

    this is the original script i read before starting the game


    year is 2013 and you and some friends had decided to make a road trip
    to Schaumburg Illinois to go to a local show and eatery called
    “Medieval Times”. You left early and spent the 4 ½ hour drive
    from Indianapolis uneventfully with the only exciting thing happening
    was when you entered the Chicago area you hit a massive traffic jam.

    arrived normally and a little early arriving at 10:30 and enjoyed 3
    hours of festive entertainment starting at 11 am before all the
    electricity went out and a momentary few minutes of darkness. The
    announcer using a megaphone announced that the power was out
    everywhere and after ½ hour they had lanterns and candles going to
    finish the show. Several of you noticed your cell phones out of range
    but this sort of thing happened a lot during the drive here. The next
    2 hours of the show went well. Afterwards you and your friends toured
    a medieval torture museum located within the show facility. Odd the
    power was still out and you still had no service in the area.

    you exited the museum into the lobby of “Medieval Times” a scene
    of chaos and confusion greeted you. Everywhere people were attacking
    others. Some of them looked grotesqly wounded with several of them
    bleeding profusely and limbs laying at odd angles. It didnt seem to
    hinder them any as they savagly attacked people everywhere. They must
    have been in shock you thought at the time, to keep on attacking
    people even with bones protruding through the skin. Looking back
    mayby you could have stayed and helped some of the families there but
    you and your friends ran.

    outside the scene wasnt much different from inside people fought
    other people blood and the screams of the dying were everywhere. You
    tried your car but found that nothing worked on it. It seemed the
    battery was dead. Everywhere you went it was the same thing it was as
    if something had drained all the batteries in everything.


    Part 1

  • Posts: 101

    was later that you learned that a massive solar flare had hit the
    greater Chicago area frying anything electrical. It was because of
    this that 23 miles away that the Zion Nuclear waste Storage facility
    ruptured because of the solar flare, causing military grade nuclear
    waste from a failed research and development experiment to leak out
    into the atmosphere. Everyone was infected whether you knew it or
    not. Apparently the military had been experimenting with making an
    unkillable soldier. They succedded …... sort of. If you die,
    natural or otherwise, you become one of those things. Those......
    Zombies! You can call them whatever you like Undead, Z's, Whackjobs,
    or Zombie's, they dont care. They only care about one thing. Feedinbg
    upon the warm flesh of human beings.

    has been 2 weeks since you went to watch the show at “Medieval
    Times”. At first there were lots of the living running around,
    trying to fight back against the creatures. Now it has been days
    since you have heard or seen from another living soul. You are
    running short on food. You have no firearms, remember Chicago is a
    gun free city, thanks to Obama. You have to move try to find help,
    mayby even find other survivors. The last time you heard from one of
    the living they told you that Indianapolis was the last bastion of
    hope and that there the living had made a stand against the Z's. A
    few minutes ago you heard the wet moans of some Z's and the loud
    crunching sound as they feasted upon someone a short ways from you.
    You stand on the outskirts of a small suburb. Behind you the fires
    still burn that have taken over the city along with the undead. In
    front of you what appears to be the abandoned ruins of a city block.
    What do you do?


    Part 2


  • citizenvaincitizenvain Indianapolis
    Posts: 188
    Love it. Love to see posts like this and pictures of other's games. I wish I was in your group!  And I like the homage to the Arsenal Game Room in Indianapolis. Sounds and looks like a good time was had.

    NOTE: I'm pretty sure Chicago had ridiculously strict gun laws long before the big O, but I digress :)  Zombies wouldn't stand a chance in Indianapolis!

    A survivor and GM in Indianapolis, IN. 
  • Very awesome level of work, I love to do this and see this as a player and GM.

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