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Looking for Survivors in Indianapolis

citizenvaincitizenvain Indianapolis
edited August 2016 in Off-Topic Posts: 188
This is the time of year where staying in and rolling some dice and staying warm is plenty good. I'm looking for people who are interested Outbreak: Undead or Outbreak: Deep Space that are in the Indianapolis or surrounding areas. I have books, miniatures, maps, character sheets, and everything you need to try this game out. I have a group I have been running for every other Saturday for a year now!  If interested please send me a message or reply here. 
A survivor and GM in Indianapolis, IN. 


  • Posts: 25

    I live in Indy

  • citizenvaincitizenvain Indianapolis
    Posts: 188
    Well then you may be in for a treat. I have run several scenarios of both OU and DS at cons and of course at my home. I will be running some scenarios at Who'se Year Con in April, but several times before then to test my new material. Send me an IM or email through here to let me know what you are interested in, how many, and availability. We can see if we can get something aligned. 
    A survivor and GM in Indianapolis, IN. 
  • Posts: 25

    email is

    I'm off from both my two jobs every other weekend.

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