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Free Friday for October?

edited January 2016 in Off-Topic Posts: 22

It's the first Friday for October. Are we going to get more content today, or will it be a little late?



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    It's on its way! It's our special Halloween Edition. Look for it later tonight!
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  • I'll post here in order to keep the FCF thread from becoming cluttered, but I must say, I enjoy this update. Adding templates to the living...I never thought of that possibility.
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    Glad you're a fan. We thought that the OBM deserved more than the footnote treatment we could give it in the core rulebook. Halloween seemed to be the best place to showcase the huge range of creative flexibility someone can take in making and using an OBM.
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    I was just wondering if anyone has the standalone FCF vol 047 - 050 or however many there was made.
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  • Red_EyeRed_Eye Ohio
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    Doesn't look like I still have the individual copies anymore on my end, but I gave it the old college try at least.
    -Alex (Red)
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