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Degradation of skills over time for yourself

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Has there been any discussion of this before?  I didn't see anything while searching.

My group and I are all about playing ourselves.  We all have questions regarding skills we've learned in the past but don't actively use today.  Take myself for instance.  I've got 6 years of military service.  I was an expert marksmen during my Air Force service.  But, this ended back in 2000.  When creating myself, would I actually take the Military Type or any other type that I've had experience with but no longer am currently doing?  Or is there a way to modify types for lack of use over time. 

The same question for skills, like my martial arts training.  I'm a Brown Belt (2nd Kyu) in Shotokan.  But I haven't been actively practicing for a few years now. 


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    There is no real set rule on degradation of skills over time. We often say that for a players to take a 'skill' in something, you need to appeal to your GM to determine if they actually have that set of skills that warrants your benefits.

    My house rule for 'playing yourself as a character' is that if it has been LONGER then the actual time you spent DOING a job, then it can't be taken as a skill and instead can only be used for Gestalt purposes. For example your Military service of 6 years wouldn't allow you to be a 'military' type character, but you could still use those 6 years to improve skills that you may have excelled in (Increasing perception, that will inherently raise your RA instead of Marksmen for example).

    That being said, skills that have been learned can be retrained or even kept up via proxy of other events. I don't know how long it's been since your training in Shotokan, but skills that aren't practiced do tend to falter.

    Here is what I mean:

    Myself, and a friend of mine were brown belts in Judo, Karate-do, and Taekwondo back in HS/College. My friend ate right, worked out, and kept his body in shape even if he didn't practice the art anymore. He may not do it, but when we occasionally tangle he is nearly as good as the day he graduated. I am significantly worse off because of my own choices of not keeping up with it, lifestyle choices (writing game books) etc all things like that.

    I am SURE if you picked up a gun again your ability to 'relearn' those skills you did in the Airforce when it comes to marksmen would come back to you quicker then say if "I" were to try to learn it. That being said, How long would it take? Have you been shooting since then? These are all questions we can't answer in the book and instead need to be addressed by your GM.

    So as you can see, every situation is different and you just need to discuss with your players what they have retained, what they have kept up by proxy, or what they have lost all together to determine what is a skill option, or what is simply prior knowledge (gestalt dice).

    Hope that helps!
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    Excellent answer.  Thanks!

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