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GenCon 2014: A postmortem

edited January 2016 in Off-Topic Posts: 14
So GenCon was a blast, again. I wanted to do a postmortem of my modules for anyone who is interested to see.

Escape from Zombie Train
With the zombie horde growing from the East Coast into the Midwest, the survivors took the last train from Chicago to Seattle, hoping to escape the outbreak. A few hours out, they began to doze. Waking up to the screams of their fellow passengers...

I had two very different experiences with tables. The first played it smart. Containing the outbreak on their train, they crawled across the top of the speeding train to the baggage car. Recovering the weapons and equipment there, they made their way back over the train cars. Fighting (and dying), they went through dozens of zombies before they reached the locomotive. Drawing closer to the front of the train, they found a radio which allowed them to hear a conversation between their terminus and the military. They negotiated the chance to take back control of the train to save themselves.
Braving the locomotive, dispatching more the undead, they took control of the train!
...Unfortunately human nature kicked in. Without regard for his fellow survivors, the call was made that he needed extraction. He was an important Chicago politician. The military agreed to extract him, and away he went. Lucky for a couple of others, a moment of conscience saved three more, then away they went.
Okay, not so bad, the other survivors would make it in style to Seattle on a train. Then a flash of light signaled the destruction of the train tracks ahead of them.
Final Kill Score:
Zombies - 5
Chicago Politician - 4

I mean, is there anyway that could happen again? Of course not. So along comes the next run. They weren't so smart. One guy freaked right away, before any zombies showed, and tried to disconnect the train cars. He was stopped, and now everyone is on edge and angry. They don't trust the bastard and that leads to even more problems. The group begins fracturing, some heading up more train cars, others trying to find weapons, more just quietly moving away from the zombies slowly creeping up the cars, not a word of warning to anyone. With what they could find, the survivors began making their way forward, setting a fire in the kitchen and disconnecting cars. Other survivors? What other survivors?
At the locomotive, they found a freaking out conductor who was begging the military to save him and blow up the train. Fighting against the last few zombies from the last car before they disconnected it, the military arrived in their helicopters. Everyone is about to be safe! No zombies to fight, the train is under their control. I mean, really, what could possibly go wrong?
"Copy, helicopters. Um, I'm the sole survivors."
"You on the train, are their any other infected individuals there?"
"Um, I can't confirm whether the train is secure or not."
"Do you need extraction?"
Yep. The survivors got bombed again.
Final Kill Score:
Zombies - 2
Jerk Survivor - 7

It was a great two games and folks really liked the system. I'm looking forward to the 2nd edition!
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