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Z-Nation anyone?

citizenvaincitizenvain Indianapolis
in Off-Topic Posts: 188
Yes, The Walking Dead is the "gold standard" as far as it comes to the whole zombie apocalypse and is a fine show. Sadly I stopped watching 3 episodes in last season and have never caught up. I found each viewing to be just more and more depressing drama. Which I usually enjoy, but week in and week out, just didn't work for me at the time. 

So along comes this Z-Nation on SyFy. The setting of the show is three years after the zombie outbreak and in the show zombies were a part of fiction.  It seems to have enough camp, cheesiness and seriousness rolled into one hour. I like how they explain certain things about zombies and basically the pace of each episode. It has several flaws and is far from perfect, but it never seems to pretend to be anything it isn't. And that just may be part of the charm for me. I don't have to feel emotionally drained at the end of each episode. Hopefully TWD's continued success will spawn more zombie apocalypse type shows. I don't see Z-Nation as competition to TWD at all, just another show in the same genre. 

Anyone else watching this? 
A survivor and GM in Indianapolis, IN. 


  • I am when I can find time. Thank God for on demand.

    I'm kind of down the middle of the road with it. Like you said its got great speed and

    flow. Not sure how I feel about the Characters.

  • citizenvaincitizenvain Indianapolis
    Posts: 188
    For those of you who may be interested, season 1 of Z-Nation is now available on Netflix. Again, its not on the same level of The Walking Dead, but I personally find the show great for what is: Entertainment that has zombies!

    A survivor and GM in Indianapolis, IN. 
  • edited January 2015 Posts: 973
    I'll give that show a shot, but yeah, TWD, while emotionally draining at times is still (well, it BECAME) a good show. I'll have to prioritize my time somehow.

    I like TWD for three reasons: 

    1. because it managed to survive two seasons of having exactly 0 likable characters. And yes, that includes Darryl. He always just seemed generally like a punk to me until season 3.

    2. they made humans far more dangerous than any zombies they come across (also the fact they don't call them zombies for some reason is nice). It's actually at the point where you hear a noise, you rush to investigate and you are HOPING that it's just a bunch of zombies.

    3. they didn't stick to the graphic novels page for page. They got some heat for that, but I'm actually super glad they didn't. I really didn't want the prison to pan out the way it did in the source material.
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