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GEN CON 2015?

citizenvaincitizenvain Indianapolis
in Off-Topic Posts: 188
I'm curious as to those of you that frequent here plan to run or play Outbreak: Undead or Outbreak: Deep Space scenarios at Gen Con 2015 (in July) this coming year?  I'm excited and already stressing as I had hoped to be play testing my new scenarios by now but work and surgery (darn elbow!) have slowed my life down quite a bit. So here are some questions to those of you thinking of next year already. 

  • Do you plan to Run or Play Outbreak Games at Gen Con 2015? 
  • If you plan to run scenarios, would you be interested in running for Hunters and enjoy all the perks that go with it?  (such as meeting Ivan and debating mechanics with Chris, and a fun dinner the evening before the con starts). 
  • If you only plan to play, which RPG interests you most: Undead or Deep Space? 
  • Did you attend Gen Con 2014 and play any Outbreak scenarios? If so, what would you like to see improved upon for 2015? 

A survivor and GM in Indianapolis, IN. 


  • Posts: 415
    Its my intent to actually come to GenCon this year, hopefully supporting the new 2nd edition OU rules (and its vehicular component) but also to either run or play some version of our game. Never been to Gen Con since its way the heck away from me, but we're definitely thinking of making the pilgrimage this year.
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  • I'm planning to play. But I'd like to get some time in the game before then.
  • Dead Space for sure
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