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Disruptive players

olwell86 93940
in Off-Topic Posts: 132
I have turned into a grief/relationship counselor ... Players (IRL), decided to strongly dislike each other :( not because of game but their own choices towards each other outside of play. In a small group its hard to remove one or both players and find replacements. :( booo. In the past has anyone had to exclude someone from a game due to players conduct etc? How was it dealt with? What are your fellow storytelling successes ? Adultry doesn't mix well with games... Do I subtract empathy from their characters to reflect how they actually are?


  • citizenvaincitizenvain Indianapolis
    Posts: 188
    I am not sure if I know of too many situations (in real life) where adultery mixes well. I don't see how you can move forward running games for players who have real life issues each other outside the game. I'm actually surprised both would even want to try being at the same table (especially if there are significant others involved). 

    I've had to remove players, or more accurately exclude from inviting. Adultery was never the issue. Poor role playing and cheating on dice rolls so its not like anyone was upset with each other outside the game. 
    A survivor and GM in Indianapolis, IN. 
  • olwell86 93940
    edited September 2015 Posts: 132
    Both players want to play but are strongly vocal about not inviting the other person. Sadly I can't invite either for fairness/ picking sides etc. I've had ppl fudge die rolls before, why is every fight an inescapable death trap?
  • olwell86 93940
    Posts: 132
    I did try one game after the incident because both parties said they could behave. That was not true and the experience for all was more than sub par. My fault...
  • Red_EyeRed_Eye Ohio
    Posts: 461
    I wouldn't fault yourself for giving it a try.  I have had experiences where now ex-significant others were able to maturely move forward with a game, but not everyone has this in them and the only way to tell is to give it a go.  I would say it is a reflection of your personal respect for the group and players than anything else.  Now, to the core of your original question here.

    To avoid getting stuck in a position where you find yourself picking sides, you will likely want to request that both players step away from the session as they are degrading the experience for other due to the life situation and not being able to keep that from bleeding over into play time (this is assuming you are about equally connected to both parties which may not be the case).  One of the things I really like about Outbreak is that it can run just fine with only a single player if it really comes down to it and you can still have an amazing time with this.  I still prefer group orientated play, but if it cannot be avoided do what you need to do.

    Now, on the flip side, if you are close to one party and not their significant other you could simply request just one of them to leave.  This will almost certainly leave a bad taste in their mouth, so I don't recommend it if you want to salvage your own relationship with them.  If that is not a concern though, no sense letting this impact your game too much.

    The important thing to remember is that you are playing a game and gathering as a group to have a good time.  If something comes up that impacts that it must be addressed sooner rather than later, otherwise you will find the game falling apart.
    -Alex (Red)
    Community Manager & Developer
  • olwell86,

    If its any consolation, Avatar systems like Outbreak: Undead can bring out the worst in some people. If players are scarce in your area, I would recommend just doing what *you* need to do to make the game fun, and take care of your players who are not currently dealing with adult problems.

    Games are meant to be a release, not a source of anxiety. As a old friend once told me "Instead of trying to slice away all the bad things from your life, simply fill your life with so much good there is no room for the bad".

    Find people who love you AND your players, its sad, but life (and games) do move on.
    Developer/Marketing Manager.
    Player Kills = 23
    Zombie Kills = 154

  • olwell86 93940
    Posts: 132
    I appreciate it. The game has moved on without the two males in question. Finding new players wasn't too hard. New friends are usually not bad
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