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Help w/ Excel Character Sheet - Formula Help

in Off-Topic Posts: 15
Hiya folks. I was messing around with a homemade character sheet/generator and I'm trying to figure out the formula for calculating the sum of two numbered cells, each one having been /10 to calculate their tens digits as singles, and then rounded down. I was wondering if anybody out there had such knowledge as "how" to write the formula.

An example would be numbered cells 32 & 28
I got 5.2 with this. Not sure how to make it simply 5 ;)

Most Excel Help sites want to charge you $40 just to answer LOL.

Cue my cry for help ;)

Much thanks!


  • citizenvaincitizenvain Indianapolis
    Posts: 188
    You should be able to just format the cell as a number with no decimal places. Right click on the cell and choose "Format Cell". Then choose number and for the decimal places, put zero instead of the default 2.
    A survivor and GM in Indianapolis, IN. 
  • Posts: 15
    Doing that and using =SUM(ROUNDDOWN(C4/10,C6/10),0) now yields the result of 3. Hmmm wish I knew more about these functions ;)

    Thanks however as that did help to alleviate the pesky decimal issue. Now to figure out why my math isn't working properly. (32/10) + (28/10) each rounded down should be 5 not 3 ;)
  • citizenvaincitizenvain Indianapolis
    Posts: 188
    Make your formula look like this:


    A survivor and GM in Indianapolis, IN. 
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