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Quick questions on the AR email

olwell86 93940
edited April 2017 in Pandemic Play Posts: 132
What happened to the preseason characters? Start fresh? Submission template? Action ranger digression on strongholds with considerations from game master compendium?

I liked the general layout for each month of play. I liked that a suggested encounter was provided for each month. Is it 2017? Or 2014 as seen in the tri county news articles? Will there be more "flavor" each month? When will January submissions begin?

Thanks for your time and answers to my questions. A brief response is fine :) oh and will the radio communications be a thing again?


  • olwell86 93940
    Posts: 132
    Starting risk each month?
  • Posts: 973
    For preseason characters you can pick up where you left off. I remember your scenario, so you should be able to start at the time of year you left off, since we have given the entire year's worth of major events.

    We're not doing monthly updates or staring Risk because we want groups to run at their own pace. We'll update with Large Scale scenarios or any edits.

    We have moved away from the month-to-month updates and submissions, although you can still submit and there will be updates. But the advantage here is that groups now can have the entire season done at their own pace.

    That said, we will accommodate radio transmissions or other relevant organic updates as part of our Action Ranger newsletter as we get feedback or requests.
  • olwell86 93940
    Posts: 132
    Cool, we decided to start over more vigilante type. With bushcraft being so extensive we will try and use lots if it.

    So pandemic is more of a campaign setting then.
  • Red_EyeRed_Eye Ohio
    Posts: 461
    Somewhat, yes, which it always was going to be, but it will still remain somewhat interactive and be updated periodically throughout the year based on submissions we get.  We simply had to accept that being a small team and still having other stuff we want to work on to keep bringing everyone cool new stuff we couldn't really manage doing updates on a monthly basis like we had originally hoped.

    Action Rangers will of course be notified via the newsletter when we have submissions setup and be given details on that process.  And as noted in the guidelines you can also contact us directly in the interim if you have special things you want to work on getting directly incorporated.  This will make Pandemic Play a Campaign Setting created in tandem with our community, though we will have other Campaign Settings coming down the road as well.
    -Alex (Red)
    Community Manager & Developer
  • Posts: 973
    You'll find most of our real interactivity in large scale events for the time being. We're leaving the door wide open for those wishing to host such events and already have a couple that we've been approached early on that will go down.

    Being part of the AR list, you'll be first to know about them whenever they occur and likewise you'll be able to submit requests for your own if you so desire. If there's a regional con or FLGS that you frequent, we can reach out to them or you can encourage them to contact us... either way.

    The model we strived for in the early incarnation of Pandemic Play will require an easier submission process and perhaps app support, but we've had to scale back to our present version in order to give ourselves a place to develop from.
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