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Random roll attributes

Will there be an option to randomly roll attributes in 2nd edition? 

If not I have a suggestion of 3d10+10. Gives results of 13-40 with an average of 25-28.

If you want you could add 4d10+10, which would range between 14-50 and an average of 30-34.

Anyway this is if you don't want to play yourself, or you're making NPCs, and since there are only 4 stats it wont take forever.


  • Red_EyeRed_Eye Ohio
    Posts: 461
    We won't have a random roll option presently, but there will be an option for a "point build" option that can be used as an alternative to playing yourself or using a Character Card.  So while not exactly this method, there will be a solid method for making NPCs or fictional characters.
    -Alex (Red)
    Community Manager & Developer
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