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Encounter Tables

So I am trying to make some encounter tables for my game, and am a bit stuck. 

It says the standard E% is 10% per Pb of standard opponent (so 20% if I am using Infected).

Then I add 1 DoS per OL. 

Does this mean that at OL 1 and I roll 20-11% It is 1 DoS or 2?

Also if I roll 21-30 what happens?

Once I figure this out, how do I know if the encounter is Vigilanties, Survivors, Panicked, Bad Guys, infected, Scooby Do?

On top of all of that, does anyone know how I might set up a rollable table in roll20 to do this automagically?


  • Red_EyeRed_Eye Ohio
    Posts: 461
    So, here is the rundown:

    The Encounter Table is something you would hand craft for the type of Scenario you want to depict, but I can give you some ideas of what you can try out.  But first thing first.  If you roll a successful E% then you would add any bonus DoS to that from your Outbreak Level to determine what you get to spend.  If you fail the E% your DoF will cancel out bonus DoS, so you may have some left over or you may not (alternately you can simply have a failed E% just equate to no Encounter).  That should clear that up for you.

    Now, as for what you get to deploy - if you are doing a published deal it should include an Encounter Table for you so you know.  Otherwise, here is what I personally use for a kick and dirty table:

    1 DoS = Standard Opponent (Set by GM)
    2 DoS = Alternate Opponent (Anything basic but not Standard) OR use a Template Upgrade
    3 DoS = Unique Opponent
    4 DoS = O.B.M.

    I then set my Standard roughly based on the following details:

    Urban Areas - OL 0-2 = Living, OL 3-4 = Undead
    Rural Areas - OL 0-3 = Beast, OL 4 = Undead

    That is a pretty basic one, but it works well if you don't want to do some customization to the overall setup.
    -Alex (Red)
    Community Manager & Developer
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