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  • I would have them check with Studio2 in that case (
  • Even more events have now been added, so if you didn't get tickets previously now is your chance!
    in Gen Con 2017 Comment by Red_Eye June 29
  • Very good work @magus76
  • Very nice
  • One suggestion - Brawl should be a Basic Skill actually, this was an error on the very first Character Sheets we put out but has since been corrected on the majority available for download. Looks great though, good stuff!
  • As we said, more events added to the opening post.  We now have included our ABCs of RPGs events that will be happening over the convention. We likely still aren't done just yet, so don't be surprised if we drop a few more offerings before the big e…
    in Gen Con 2017 Comment by Red_Eye June 4
  • The first official batch of Hunters Books games has been added to the opening post of this thread, including links to the signup pages on the GenCon website.  Presently we have a selection of Outbreak: Undead.. 2nd Edition games along with some offi…
    in Gen Con 2017 Comment by Red_Eye May 27
  • The product IDs for the decks are: Fight - HB 1013 Survive - HB 1014Rebuild - HB 1015
  • So, had a quick chat with the team, and here is what we can recommend: The Fight, Survive, and Rebuild decks for Pandemic Play are now available at FLGSs at this time.  We would recommend checking your FLGS to see if they have the decks available.  …
  • Let me chat with the team and see if there is anything we can do about that, because I certainly can't blame you for passing with that price tag.
  • Ahhh, I see what you mean here.  Well, first up, the cards have nothing to do with Skills (we have Abilities, Gear, Formations, etc - but not Skills).  Regarding the content in these decks:All the cards in the decks contain the Pandemic Play brandin…
  • We have not gotten any community reviews back on the decks at this point unfortunately, so I am unable to link you off to any (perhaps someone might pop in who has picked them up and say something here, like @olwell86). Was there something specific …
  • I'm originally from that area, but I live out in Ohio these days.
  • Well, time to see if we can work any magic, we'll look into Guardian Games here and see what we can come up with.
  • The 3 hour one is less exciting as we did some discussion about Outbreak and some general character creation.  My personal suggestion would be to jump to the Custom Scenario one that Chris ran as we more just jump right into it. They are each from a…
  • Had a blast doing the streams over the weekend, hope everyone enjoyed checking them out.
  • Yea, I think it would really depend on what specifically you are wanting to convert from that system to OU.  Some examples would be fantastic to better assess how to help with this.
  • You'll find a bit of the old (stuff from the Starter Kit, but branded for Pandemic Play) as well as a few new things as well that have not appeared yet in card form.  Please do post your comments when you get them.
  • Well, in truth it is as complex as you want it to be.  Many people that play the game exclude content they don't need for their games.  If you want a more hack and slash style you could easily drop a lot of the survival based rules and still use the…
  • Happy to help, all things I made back when I was just a fan around these parts.  I may update stuff here at some point, but my time is typically consumed with managing the social pages and forum as well as working on new content.
  • You track Uses of the canteen, not individual drinks from it really.  So, say a canteen has a Capacity of 5 (small one).  When you use the item to drink you roll Depletion.  Say you rolled a 4.  That is below Capacity so the Canteen still has some w…
  • Choices, consequences, and tactics. You want them to make the check because, even though they will pass it, we use Degrees of Success for determining outcomes so we need to see how well the succeed.  Due to how that works, the roll may net less DoS…
    in Skill Checks Comment by Red_Eye April 16
  • We have some plans similar to this coming up in the pipeline, just FYI.  More details will come later of course.
  • Personally I like the Depletion system that we have in place, though I know some folks dislike it.  Truly, use what works for you.  House Rule stuff you don't like or don't think works well, etc.  And always feel free to pop in and share ideas with …
  • Ok, let me work to address these here for you: Many of the Skills in the text were abbreviated to reduce space, but the community has generally spoken on this that they aren't fans of the abbreviated Skills as it just takes more brain processing po…
  • Somewhat, yes, which it always was going to be, but it will still remain somewhat interactive and be updated periodically throughout the year based on submissions we get.  We simply had to accept that being a small team and still having other stuff …
  • You might want to check this out, and keep an eye on your email: Link
  • Hey Pardalis66, please see my response in the Character Creation thread.
    in Skill Checks Comment by Red_Eye April 13
  • Hello Pardalis66, and welcome to the community.  I will admit the ODS has some issues in layout in presenting of the information.  There is a long story behind all of that I won't get into here, but needless to say we do have plans to clean up ODS, …